Thursday, December 21, 2006

Call for Talented Users: We Need You!

Good news: in a gentle attempt to support freeware development on our beloved platform, we've just been offered an ad placement to promote fennel DVDManager on, a popular French Mac news site.
Bad news: our team may not have the talent needed to produce a high quality banner :( !

Good news: it's an opportunity for you, our loyal users, to help us design such a banner and then to actively participate in spreading the word around!
Bad news: it's rather "urgent" 'cause we'd like to target this holiday season! (Deadline? As soon as we get a valid candidate; so send yours early and often ;) !)

Good news: we'd be glad to grant some of you a "Donator" status—which means access to some internal builds of our products, news, and much more… So don't hesitate to send us cool ideas, catchy texts, early sketches or, even better, final banners! Thanks in advance.
Bad news: there's no more bad news to report ;) !

Now, some technical details: the banner has to be 468x60; in PSD (best), PNG (better), or JPG (good) if static; in Flash (best) or GIF (good) if animated; and it has to be localisable, hence the recommendation for the PSD format and its support for layers 'cause we're targeting both French AND English.

And to conclude, here is what we envision at the moment: the final banner should display our application icon, with our product name—fennel DVDManager—, and a brief, catchy description/motto, like "Manage the workflow of your DVDs. Simply."… but better :P ! (Dunno if some "Free" tag should be mentioned…)

OK… So it's time again to build something great to promote fennel DVDManager to our fellow Mac users+switchers! We're eager to see what some talented people can produce ;) !


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